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As an indicator of how funds raised by the Ladies Yomp will be employed, please see below:

£20 funds every hour with our welfare worker.  Our welfare workers engage the whole family, including the children.  Where domestic abuse is identified, we work with the family to identify and treat the root causes of the abuse.  Where necessary, the welfare worker will facilitate temporary accommodation and funding to support the wife/partner and children whilst alternative living arrangements are made to take the pressure out of the situation.


£20 also funds every hour with one of our case workers.  Our case workers deliver the plans developed by multi-agency teams, this often includes addressing everyday living challenges, such as housing, benefits, probation services, child access, support to partners/wives/children. 


£90 funds one hour with our Clinical Psychologist.  Only a clinical psychologist can diagnose PTSD. Current waiting times for veterans to see a Clinical Psychologist are 4 years+.  Our Clinical Psychologist leads the recovery planning of the whole family, addressing the effect on wives/partners and children of living with a veteran with PTSD as well as treating the veteran themselves.  Each individual treatment plan is different, but between 12-20 appointments over 3 months will identify triggers and develop coping strategies for the vast majority of cases.

£1,000 funds a full screening program. This is a 3 month process, led by our Clinical Psychologist, it investigates every aspect of a veteran’s life (employment, family, financial, physical health, mental health, service life, etc) and produces a bespoke recovery plan specifically tailored to support each individual and their family. The recovery plan integrates the work of many different charities such as Help for Heroes, The Royal British Legion and SSAFA.

£6,000 funds an entire recovery program for 1 veteran and their family. From identifying the homeless or socially excluded individual, this takes a veteran, and where possible their family, through to independent living and sustainable employment. This recovery program is psychologically informed and reviewed weekly by the Clinical Psychologist.

£40,000 pays for 100 wives/partners to receive a free mobile haircut every month for a year.  By using mobile hairdressers, trained in mental health first aid and familiar with the support available in the area, we not only help the wife/partner to feel better about themselves by looking good, we retain once a month contact and provide a pressure release valve for the whole family unit.