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The Event Charity

20% of all revenues from this event will be donated to the Community Self Build Agency (CSBA).

Community Self Build Agency

The CSBA was established in 1980 to address the issues around homelessness across the UK.  Since then the charity has resettled just under 2200 homeless, vulnerable and disadvantaged adults.

Veteran Self Build

In 2009, following an upsurge in the number of homeless veterans returning from the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, the CSBA formed a subsidiary to address the direct needs of veterans.  Since then, the Veteran Self Build has resettled 266 veterans.


The Program

The CSBA identifies the acute needs of disadvantaged and vulnerable people anywhere in the UK.  Working with the local authority, brown field sites are identified and the local council sells them to the local housing association for £1.


At the same time, the CSBA begin work with the individual on the issues surrounding homelessness, often including mental health, drugs & alcohol misuse, relationship breakdown, financial pressure, criminality, employment, etc, through a series of modules with specialist counsellors and mentors throughout.

Working alongside the housing prime contractor, the individual builds their own home.  A home in which they can be a tenant for the rest of their life or as long as they need it.

By the end of the program, we aim to achieve a good tenant, free from addiction, with a good understand of their own coping strategies for mental health and employment wherever possible.