A cooked breakfast will be available on site from 0730hrs.

Transport out to organised activities will depart from 0830hrs.

Organised Activities


Our team of local and military adventure trainers are offering the following activities:

  • Sailing

  • Paddle Boarding

  • Mountain Biking

  • Fell Walking

  • Abseiling & Climbing

  • Pony Trekking 

Organised activities have limited space, so please book early.

Alternatively, if you want to explore Sedbergh and the surrounding area independently, please visit the local website here or ask our team.  

Transport is available for drop off and pick up of walkers and mountain bikers.

Ska Saturday


Starting at 1830hrs we welcome some of the best Ska bands in the North West.

Split between the main stage and the bar stage, this is 4.5hrs of pure ska.

Please watch this space for updates on the groups and times.

A special mention for Ska Face who have supported us with their fee donated to supporting our veterans for the past 2 years.

Ska Face intend to play at Hells Fells 2020 subject to COVID-19 restriction.  Updates will follow.....

Adventure Saturday


COVID-19 restrictions prevent us from our usual organised family entertainment.....

......but we are in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales and we are encouraging everyone to get out and enjoy the landscape.

Hells Fells Got Talent


This extremely popular entertainment starts from 1600hrs.

If you have a budding musician, singer, magician or wannabe entertainer.....this is their platform for a 20 minute set on stage.

If you are an established entertainer and you want to support the event, this is also for you.

The Fire Pit - Survivors


The stage will close at 2300hrs.

For many, the coming together of musicians and supporters on the last night at the fire pit is the highlight of the weekend.  

The fire pit survivors party will 'jam' into the early hours (quietly and socially distant).

Bacon sandwiches will be served to survivors at 0430hrs.

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