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Please do not wait to be asked.  We welcome new and innovative ideas, so please push forward, no one will be offended.


Raise Awareness


Please talk to family, friends and work colleagues.  Help them to understand the complexity of social exclusion.  


Raise Funds


The Ladies Yomp and Hells Fells all started with an idea and have been delivered through the determination and commitment of people who care.  


If you have an idea, but need support to get it off the ground, please let us know and we will help you.




Positive role models change lives.  To someone who doesn’t have a family safety net, a mentor can help them to navigate life’s challenges.  


We all have busy lives. We can all make excuses.  But if you want to help to change someone’s life, please get in touch. 


Small Businesses


Small businesses are unique. The work ethic and team spirit are very similar to the environment of the military.  


If you are able to offer a work placement or work experience, please get in touch.  It isn’t all one way; your business will get a lot in return.


Corporate Social Responsibility


If you are part of a medium or large business with a Corporate Social Responsibility program, please introduce the work that we do and champion the merits of taking ex-service personnel back into sustainable employment and independent living.