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The Route

Day 1 - Ilkley to Burnsall (13 miles)

Day 2 - Burnsall to Hubberholme (16 miles)

Day 3 - Hubberholme to Dent (22 miles)

Day 4 - Dent to Patton Bridge (17 miles)

Day 5 - Patton Bridge to Bowness (14 miles)

Overnight Stops

The support team are installing a tented camp at each overnight stop.  Walkers will arrive at the each of each day to a camp bed, evening meal and camp fire.

Each evening a guest speaker will speak after dinner for 20 minutes about the purpose of the Ladies Yomp, mental health support and domestic violence.



Each evening will be rounded off by a local band playing around the camp fire before lights out at 2200hrs.